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Q&A #25: Adjusting For the Rake in Limit Hold ‘em

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Gabe asks,

I played a hand last night. It felt kind of weak.

It was a collection pot. The collection is approximately .9 small bets. It is taken if the pot is bigger than 10 small bets.

A laggy bad player raises in MP. I think he was three off the button. His range is pretty wide and I don’t think the collection pots made a differnce to him. I would say his range is 55+, A5s+ , K9s+ , Q9s+, J8s+, T9s+, A6o+, K9o+.

It’s folded to me w/A :club: Q :diamond: in the BB. I just call.

The flop is K :diamond: 9 :heart: 9:spade: . I check fold.The Rake

I was getting pummeled and I was down about two racks in an hour and a half. I thought my ablity to take control OOP, never easy in this game, was less than normal, and the chance I would get played back at, higher than normal.

My friend, who was sweating me and had half my action, suggested that he would have reraised pre-flop and bet the flop or amybe if he just called, bet or check-raised the flop.

At first, I thoght maybe I just played it WT, but after thinking about it, I think it was the way to play it given the situation.

I’d like to know what you think.

If this weren’t a collection pot, obviously I think you have an easy 3-bet from the big blind. But since it’s a collection pot, the play isn’t nearly as clear. At first blush, it seems like a close decision to me, but let’s break it down with some numbers to get a clearer picture.

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One Response to “Q&A #25: Adjusting For the Rake in Limit Hold ‘em”

Kyle Ray
@ Mon Dec 04, 2006 04:32:31 PM

Hey Ed, I have a lot of questions about 6-max holdem and how to handle some pretty common scenarios, particularly getting 3-bet out of position when you make a hand on the flop or hold a pocket pair. I made a post on ITH, here http://www.internettexasholdem.com/phpbb2/here-vp6479959.html#6479959

Basically just asking players to spew information. I would love it if you posted some hands here that you have played that are similar to my questions, the more difficult the better.

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