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Greg “Fossilman” Raymer’s PokerStars Account Hacked?

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I just read a thread on 2+2 where it looks like Greg Raymer’s Stars account got hacked. Here’s two hands the suspicious FossilMan played in a 2k headsup tournament.

FossilMan: calls 10
Ikeyrson: raises 1380 to 1400
FossilMan: calls 1380
*** FLOP *** [8h 7d Th]
Ikeyrson: checks
FossilMan: folds
Ikeyrson collected 2800 from pot
Ikeyrson: doesn’t show hand

from a 2k hu match.

2nd hand

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Ikeyrson: calls 10
FossilMan: checks
*** FLOP *** [2d Ac Kc]
FossilMan: checks
Ikeyrson: checks
*** TURN *** [2d Ac Kc] [2c]
FossilMan: checks
Ikeyrson: checks
*** RIVER *** [2d Ac Kc 2c] [6c]
FossilMan: checks
Ikeyrson: bets 2880 and is all-in
FossilMan: calls 80 and is all-in
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Ikeyrson: shows [Ad 9c] (a flush, Ace high)
FossilMan: shows [3h 9s] (a pair of Deuces)

Then they played some suspicious 5k tournaments until Stars support dropped in and froze the accounts:

FossilMan: All is fine here
StaffMikeJ [Support]: May I call you on the phone Greg?
Dr. Fells [observer]: clearly this is not him
FossilMan: wat kinda person needs to call me?

I don’t have much to say except that it’s scary – between online banking, online poker, PayPal, etc. – how much money these days is guarded behind just a single password. Accidentally install some spyware on your computer, and you may unwittingly transmit the passwords for literally your entire financial life to the world. Or log in naively on a public computer (or worse, on a “trusted” friend’s computer), and the same fate could befall you.

Be careful, choose secure passwords (combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation), and change your passwords regularly. It takes five minutes for someone to cost you thousands of dollars or, at best, cause you huge headaches reversing the transactions. Practically speaking, there’s no sure way to protect yourself. So cross your fingers, and put pressure on cardrooms to make things right when stuff like this happens.

I have faith that Stars will make this one right.

UPDATE: Fossilman confirms that his account was hacked.

So, in summary, account hacked, hacker caught and account frozen, all money safe, I really did go only 1-3 this morning/early afternoon in my VIP and TLB matches.

Thanks to all of you who helped me by alerting PS security.

5 Responses to “Greg “Fossilman” Raymer’s PokerStars Account Hacked?”

@ Mon Mar 19, 2007 08:52:51 AM

Strange that he did the hard part in hacking the account, and then caught because he did the most obvious chip-dumping. He should have got me come in and play my normal game, same result but they’d never have noticed.

Hope the 2+2 guy that sussed it gets more than a thank you.


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Gary Worden
@ Sun Dec 23, 2007 02:26:39 PM

My Bodog account was hacked with a keylogging trojan called ZLOB. I’d nursed it up from $8 to over $900. I logged in one day and it was at zero. Somebody across the country had logged in the day before and did “Joy-Riding” with my money, blowing it all in 20 minutes.

I figured Bodog would make it right, but they didn’t. Lip service only. I don’t believe they were diligent in their investigation, and they certainly showed no commitment to protecting their customers. In fact, they implied it was my fault I got a Trojan, even though I had Norton and firewall and everything. Norton never did catch the bug. I found it with a Trend Micro housecall online scan, and switched my virus protection to AVAST.

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