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Hail Ultimate Poker

My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Legal online poker is now live in Nevada. Hail Ultimate Poker! My personal nightmare is not yet over, unfortunately, as I have yet to be vetted and verified by the powers-that-be at Ultimate Poker. But once I get the green light, I will be playing our […]

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WSOP Gaming Life Expo Starts Today

If you’re in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, drop by the Rio today and check out the Stoxpoker booth at the WSOP Gaming Life Expo. I will be hanging out at the booth at various times throughout the next four days, I’ll sign books, and I’ll be happy to talk to you […]

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Find Me At The WSOP Gaming Life Expo With Stoxpoker

My life is going to be really busy for the next three or four weeks. Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, and I are in overdrive to finish the manuscript for Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume 2. Elaine and I are moving across the country. And I’m going to be representing Stoxpoker at the WSOP Gaming Life […]

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Ed’s Spring Poker Thoughts

Here are some quick thoughts for this warm Spring morning. There’s a lot of money to be made on the river in the $1-$2 6-max no-limit games on Full Tilt. A lot of the regulars miss value bets a lot, and they fold too many hands to overbet shoves even if you aren’t really representing […]

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IRS Increases Withholding Requirements for Poker Tournaments

According to an IRS Bulletin, beginning March 4, 2008 the IRS will require tournament directors to withhold taxes from poker tournament winners who win in excess of $5,000. It requires this withholding at the third-lowest tax rate which is currently 25 percent. It’s not entirely clear whether this withholding applies to any prize greater than […]

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