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85,000 Words

I mentioned last month that the new book with Sunny Mehta and Matt Flynn was coming along well. Since that post I took a weeklong trip to New Orleans to visit Sunny, and we used that time to really crank hard on the manuscript. On that trip we took stock of our progress, and we […]

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A Quick Personal Update

I don’t give you guys too many updates on my life and projects, so I figured it was time. The last few months have been extremely hectic in Ed Miller land. In July, Elaine and I dragged ourselves back across the country and bought a nice little foreclosure home in Las Vegas. The foreclosure scene […]

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Professional No Limit Hold’em Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Professional No-Limit Hold ‘em: Volume I is finally printed and available for buying! I haven’t seen a flesh-and-blood copy yet, but I will soon, and I’m excited. Some people have asked me today about when their copies will come. Apparently Amazon has sent out some irking messages about availability, so I wanted to tell you […]

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Professional No-Limit Hold’em: Volume One Available for Preorder!

Over a year in the making, the book is finally ready. You can preorder Professional No-Limit Hold ‘em: Volume I by Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, and Yours Truly at Amazon. The books are presently scheduled to ship a bit over a month from now. Order your copy today so you can be one of the […]

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Bots, Cheating, and Online Poker

Recently, a long-time member of the Las Vegas poker community posted a question in several public forums about cheating. He saw a Google ad on my site for an organization selling some “Cheating” software for poker. I saw those ads too, and I submitted them immediately to Google so that they wouldn’t display. Google selects […]

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Noted Poker Authority T-Shirts

Sometimes people ask me why I called my site Noted Poker Authority. It’s a name my friend Dave Fromm bestowed upon me shortly before my first book came out. The name stuck, and people on 2+2 called me NPA for months. Unfortunately, I think Dave was joking. But nevermind that. Now you too can be […]

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