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Stages Of A TAG

A couple of weeks back I did a video for Stoxpoker called Stages Of A TAG. The basic idea is that I think most players go through a series of stages or realizations about no-limit as they improve their games from noob to TAG and beyond. I think these stages are worth thinking about because […]

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Book Update And Value Betting Videos At Stoxpoker

These days I’m continuing to work furiously on the new no-limit book with Sunny Mehta and Matt Flynn. We’ve made excellent progress. We have finished writing everything, and we’re in the editing stage. At the end of last week we finished edited together the first 160 pages or so which is the core of the […]

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Truly Free Poker Training

You can get FREE memberships to video training sites Stoxpoker and Cardrunners just by playing on Full Tilt. I wrote about the Truly Free Poker Training program when it was introduced a couple of months back. In the comments back then there was a little grumbling about how the program was open only to existing […]

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Working From Home For The Holidays

Just a quick update today. I’m cranking away hard at the new book this month (and should be doing so through January), so I haven’t allotted quite as much time as usual to writing articles for the website. As a result, expect the updates to be a little slower than usual for the next few […]

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Full Tilt Poker Will Now Pay For Your Stoxpoker And Cardrunners Memberships

Ok, this new deal is pretty sick. I’m a coach for Stoxpoker, a poker video training site. Video training is one of the absolute best ways to improve your poker play. Now you can get your Stoxpoker membership, as well as a membership at partner site Cardrunners, paid for by Full Tilt Poker just by […]

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A Quick Personal Update

I don’t give you guys too many updates on my life and projects, so I figured it was time. The last few months have been extremely hectic in Ed Miller land. In July, Elaine and I dragged ourselves back across the country and bought a nice little foreclosure home in Las Vegas. The foreclosure scene […]

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Find Me At The WSOP Gaming Life Expo With Stoxpoker

My life is going to be really busy for the next three or four weeks. Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, and I are in overdrive to finish the manuscript for Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume 2. Elaine and I are moving across the country. And I’m going to be representing Stoxpoker at the WSOP Gaming Life […]

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Ed’s Spring Poker Thoughts

Here are some quick thoughts for this warm Spring morning. There’s a lot of money to be made on the river in the $1-$2 6-max no-limit games on Full Tilt. A lot of the regulars miss value bets a lot, and they fold too many hands to overbet shoves even if you aren’t really representing […]

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Exciting New Stuff From Stoxpoker

Stoxpoker has rolled out a couple of new features that I wanted to tell you guys about. First, they have unveiled this amazing whiz-bang new widget that lets you

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Beware The Ides Of March Update

Two weeks ago I talked about my (relatively) new online poker experiment. For years I never much liked playing online, and I pretty much stuck to playing live. It may seem peculiar that I’ve played poker for six years and only now am I really getting into online poker, but for some reason I just […]

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