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Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year. I hope everyone’s year is off to a banging start and that all of my readers will run good today and for all of 2009. This past week between Christmas and New Year, Sunny and I have been in Vegas working extra hard on the book. The main section of the book, […]

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85,000 Words

I mentioned last month that the new book with Sunny Mehta and Matt Flynn was coming along well. Since that post I took a weeklong trip to New Orleans to visit Sunny, and we used that time to really crank hard on the manuscript. On that trip we took stock of our progress, and we […]

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Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume II Update

I got a couple of emails this morning asking me when Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume II was coming out, and I realized that I hadn’t given you guys an update in a while, so here we go. Progress is very good, and I’m really excited with how the book is turning out. We’re writing […]

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I’m excited to see so many people buying and reading Professional No-Limit Hold’em: Volume 1. It was a joy to work with my esteemed co-authors Matt Flynn and Sunny Mehta, and it’s a joy to see so many people learning from the book. Before it went to print, 2+2 edited out the bulk of the […]

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