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Stoxpoker Poker Training Videos

Want to win over $1 million playing poker next year?

In your dreams, right?

Want to get coached by four guys who each actually DID make over $1 million playing poker in 2007? Want to look over their shoulders and watch them play, hear them explain in detail why they’re making every fold, call or raise? Want them to share with you all the secrets that have made them poker millionaires?

That’s no dream. That’s Stoxpoker, the world’s premier Poker Training Video website. Stoxpoker coaches Nick Grudzien, Bryce Paradis, Kyle Hendon, and Dusty Schmidt each made over $1 million playing poker in 2007, and now you can watch them play and learn exactly how they did it.

As if that weren’t enough, with the same membership you can also watch the many videos I’ve made for Stoxpoker! My Poker Made Simple series teaches a solid, fundamental, and complete approach to beating small stakes no-limit games. My series on No-Limit Hand Reading has also been extremely popular.

Poker training videos are the fastest growing and most exciting way out there to help improve your poker game. There is simply nothing like watching a top pro play and explain in detail all the thought that goes into every bluff and value bet.

And now you can watch the entire Stoxpoker video library without even leaving NPA! Sign up at Stoxpoker, and then away you go.

Using the above widget, you can use your Stoxpoker membership to watch any of Stoxpoker’s hundreds of videos directly from Noted Poker Authority. Cool, huh?

Naturally, check out my videos first by selecting “Ed Miller” under the Coach Name dropdown and clicking Search.

Not a member of Stoxpoker yet? What are you waiting for? The skills you’ll learn have the potential to pay for the membership 10, 20, even 100 times over. You can try Stoxpoker out for free by choosing any video from above and watching the FREE 3 minute demo. Or you can click on the red View FREE Videos link and watch each of the Stoxpoker pros do their thing.

Whether you play limit or no-limit, cash games, multitable tournaments, or sit-n-go’s, Stoxpoker has the videos to take your game to the next level. Sign up for Stoxpoker today.