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Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em

You can win $10,000 playing poker.

“Well, duh,” you say, “On TV there are guys that have won millions playing poker.”

I don’t mean them. I mean YOU. You can make $10,000 playing poker.

How can I say that even though I’ve never met you?

Because I believe that anyone can learn to be good enough to win $10,000 at poker. You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to have superhuman instincts. And you certainly don’t need a pair of $500 sunglasses.

I know a few other things about you too. I know that you probably haven’t won $10,000 playing poker. And I know that you think it would be pretty darn cool if you did.

So why haven’t you? You can do it. You’d be delighted if you did. But you haven’t. What’s stopping you?

You think too much like everyone else. Poker is a zero sum game. If you win, someone else loses. You can’t win a game like that if you do the same thing everyone else is doing. You have to be different.

But you can’t just be different to be different. That will get you killed. You have to be different in the right ways. You have to zig while everyone else is zagging. That’s what gets the money.

Where are you going to learn to do that? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the part where I brag a little bit. I’ve written seven poker books. I’ve sold over a quarter million copies.

But much more importantly, my books have been gold for my readers. My first book launched the career of literally hundreds of pro players. I know two pros personally who each have made multi-millions playing poker, and they both credit the beginning of their runs to reading one of my books.

Google me. Read all the 5-star reviews on Amazon.

You back? Ok.

Back to you. You can win $10,000 playing poker. Everything you need to know to do it is in this book. I mean it.

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em, Dimat Enterprises

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em. It’s 304 pages of high-density, high-impact, no-limit know-how. Early on it teaches you how to steal small pots. Then it teaches you how to build and win the big pots. This is how you win at this game. You do the things the other guys don’t know to do. Even if they knew to do them, they wouldn’t have the guts to pull the trigger.

Now just buying the book won’t win you your $10,000. You can’t put the exercise DVD in the player and go sit on the couch and expect to get fit. You gotta do the work. But if you’ve got the desire—and if you’ve read this far I know you do—and you put in the time, this $35 investment can pay off for you big time.

Oh, by the way. Remember those million-dollar winners I told you about whose careers my books have helped to launch? Check out what million-dollar winner Giev Money? recommends when asked what books helped to launch his career:

Two eBooks that helped me most when I went pro were Let there be range (probably overpriced nowdays) and Small stakes [No-Limit] holdem by Ed Miller.

There you have it, the testimony of a poker player who read this very book three years ago and went on to win over a million dollars. Again, I’m not claiming everyone who reads my book will run out and win a million, but I believe that anyone who puts in the work can get at least one percent there. And that ain’t bad.

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em comes in e-book format and in paperback. Get the e-book for $34.95, or get the paperback from Amazon.

If you buy the e-book, in one minute flat you’ll have your download link and be on your way.

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Or get the paperback from Amazon.

Still here? Not reading the book already? Well, there’s a few more things you should know.

  1. If you get the e-book, you’ll get the book in formats suitable for reading just about anywhere. You’ll get a PDF to read on the computer. You’ll get a PRC for reading on an Amazon Kindle. And you’ll get an EPUB that you can read on your iPhone, iPad, and on most other e-reader devices.
  2. Still undecided? I suppose wanting to know all the facts is a good thing. Read a free excerpt to make sure the book is right for you.
  3. If you buy the book and you hate it, email me and I’ll refund your purchase.

So that’s it. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Buy right now and start learning the secrets of winning no-limit hold’em immediately.