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Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hull


What are great poker players?

They’re mediocre poker players who have made a hundred small improvements to their games.

That’s it. No one was born good at no-limit hold’em. Everyone started out a fish that first time they sat at the table.

Most players get better for a while, but then they plateau. To break through the plateau, you have to be willing to work.

The good news is that a little bit of work every day is all you need. A small improvement here, another one there. Another one the next day. These small improvements are cumulative. Each one adds a tiny edge to your game. Once you have a few dozen tiny edges, you’ll have what it takes to cut a path through the competition.

Doug Hull is a student of mine. He came to me several years ago. His game had plateaued. He was looking for the edge. I worked with him for just a few hours. I didn’t show him the big secret of no-limit hold’em—there’s no such thing. Instead, I just showed him the work he had to do. I gave him a new way of looking at the game, and then I gave him some homework. If you do this little bit of work, but you do it every day, you will get much better.

He did the work, and he got much better. He improved in just about a year from a recreational level player to a pro.

And then he wrote a book to help show you how he got there.

Poker Plays You Can Use by Doug Hull edited by Ed Miller

Poker Plays You Can Use is a practical guide to improving your no-limit hold’em game. It’s divided into two parts. In the first section, Doug walks you through a series of hands he played—bluffs and value hands. The hands are chosen to illustrate the nooks and crannies of the game where you can get an edge over your opponents. They’re chosen to show you where a non-standard betting line can outperform the same-old, same-old. And they’re chosen to help you find these same edges when you play.

Doug goes through bluffing hands first since that’s where most players need improvement. But he also shows you how to play value hands to keep your play unpredictable and sharp.

In the second section, Doug gives you a series of missions to complete. This is his homework assignment to you. He gives you tasks to complete both at and away from the table. Complete the tasks, get better.

I personally edited the book and gave Doug my thoughts and feedback to help make Poker Plays You Can Use a valuable resource for any student of the game.

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