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Poker In 2013

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Happy New Year!

After Playing The Player came out in May of last year, I took about six months off from poker to spend more time with my family. The new year has inspired me to get back into the swing of things, so I’ll be doing more writing, more video producing, more playing, and more chatting in the days to come.

New for 2013: Legal online poker in the United States. Ok, ok, it was supposed to launch in 2012, and I’m bummed that it’s taken this long to get going. But I’m fairly certain that 2013 will see legal online poker sites where I live in the State of Nevada.

I’ve talked to many about what these sites will look like, and I’ll be honest, it seems like I’m just about the most optimistic person out there. People say the software will suck and there won’t be enough players to support games of any reasonable stakes. When I hear these criticisms, however, I think, “The games will be soft, and there will be opportunities available that most good players will not even bother to explore.”

In any event, I plan to play the sites as they come online, and I will post updates here.

To kick off the New Year right, I’ve decided to offer the biggest sale in the history of the site! Buy any e-book or paperback for a full 50% off (not including shipping). No limits. If you’ve already read all my books, you can get paperbacks as gifts for your friends. I don’t plan another sale like this one for a long time, so act now before its over on January 15. (Due to potentially large sales volume, during the sale I don’t guarantee books will be personally signed.)

To take advantage of this deal, choose the books you’d like and use discount code NEWYEAR50 at checkout for a full 50% off your order.

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May you run good in the new year!

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One Response to “Poker In 2013”

@ Thu Feb 14, 2013 06:46:09 AM

I really do feel sorry for any poker players that live in the U.S. I’m hoping for some change soon as it has effected everyone in the poker community and economy.

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