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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a great day… enjoy the football and eat a lot. Since I’m a vegan, turkey won’t be on the menu for us. Turkeys are really cool birds, by the way.

Thanksgiving Is For Turkeys

If you’re from Europe or Australia or somewhere else where they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving… just eat a huge dinner and you’ll be all set.

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5 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

@ Fri Nov 28, 2008 08:58:47 AM

Turkeys think you’re pretty cool too, Ed, I’m sure. :-)

@ Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:43:53 AM

many a turkey has turned to this website for advice on crushing SSNL games…

@ Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:35:05 PM

… but fortunately many more have not found this website :-)

Elaine Vigneault
@ Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:07:40 AM

FYI, photos of Ed’s Thanksgiving are here: http://elainevigneault.com/thanksgiving-photos.html

@ Tue Dec 02, 2008 01:16:27 PM

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like vegan food and booze!

In all seriousness the spread looks tasty and your new house is decorated very nicely.

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