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Hail Ultimate Poker

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My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

Legal online poker is now live in Nevada. Hail Ultimate Poker!

My personal nightmare is not yet over, unfortunately, as I have yet to be vetted and verified by the powers-that-be at Ultimate Poker. But once I get the green light, I will be playing our glorious game online for the first time in the brightest light of day.

The World Series of Poker is also soon upon us. If you don’t live in Nevada, might I suggest to you this year, year of all years, this year you pay a visit to Las Vegas during the WSOP. You can play some of the softest medium and large buyin tournaments in the country at the Rio, and then you can go sit by the pool with your laptop and play online! (Out-of-staters are permitted to play online while they are in Vegas.)

To celebrate these momentous events, I’m offering a 25% off sitewide sale on my books. Use code NVONLINE at checkout to get 25% off any book on the site. It’s less than a month to the WSOP. You don’t have much time to prepare.

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