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First Installment of Poker Made Simple Available at Stoxpoker

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Two weeks ago I joined the Stoxpoker team, and today my first video is available. I’m creating a video series called “Poker Made Simple” which will turn dedicated amateurs into professional-level players.Stoxpoker - Professional Poker Training If you are playing small- or medium-stakes online or live, and you are still working toward becoming a solid, consistent winner, the Poker Made Simple series should be perfect for you.

Naturally, since Poker Made Simple will be, well, simple, it won’t cover play at an ultra-nuanced level. But that’s where all the other Stoxpoker coaches come in, as they are literally some of the very best players (and biggest winners) in the world. Whether you want to play full ring no-limit, heads-up limit, or any of a number of other games, Stoxpoker is, in my opinion, the single-best resource available anywhere to improve your poker game.

Today is a great time to sign up at Stoxpoker, not just because my first video is out, but also because they are running two fantastic promotions. First, they are coming up on their 200th video, and to celebrate, they are giving away 200 FREE one month subscriptions to the first 200 people to email them suggestions on spreading the word about Stoxpoker. It’s a great opportunity to try out Stoxpoker for free. Check out the details here.

Second, if you sign up for a six month or one year membership, you will get a free gift of up to 6 poker books or 2 poker software packages! My books are all on the list, as well as many other top-quality books written by Stoxpoker coaches and other great writers. Check out the list of all the available gifts.

I’m very excited to see my first video available on the site. Come on over to Stoxpoker today and check it out.

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5 Responses to “First Installment of Poker Made Simple Available at Stoxpoker”

@ Thu Nov 15, 2007 12:09:36 AM

Just watched the video and I have to say I liked it a lot even though I’m not a total beginner ;-)

I’d like to see you cover the situations that naturally develop when you play the button aggressively in the future.

For example when you reraise, get called and check-raised all-in on the flop. For example on that J9 hand where you flop T9x 2 hearts, what goes through your head if villain CRs All-in?

But all in all an excellent vid in my opinion!

@ Fri Nov 16, 2007 04:46:31 PM

Well done – it has the most questions up to date of all the videos on the site… OMG! I also posted one :)

@ Mon Nov 19, 2007 09:11:52 AM

Ed are you going to play poker on these videos?

Ed Miller
@ Mon Nov 19, 2007 01:45:05 PM

I’m going to do some playing videos at some point, but my current series will be heavy on the PokerTracker playback stuff.

@ Thu Nov 22, 2007 08:59:25 AM

Glad to hear you’re continuing the series. I really like the classroom videos that stoxpoker offers. It’s a really nice addition to the playing style videos.

In addition to yours, I watched one or two of Bryce’s videos on using pokerstove and picked up a couple of tricks that I hadn’t really considered. Good stuff. Also, I think that if I ever find myself playing heads up limit with Bryce, I should just hand him my wallet and save my self the aggravation and embarrassment. That guy is just sick.

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