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A Quick Personal Update

Posted By Ed Miller On October 11, 2008 @ 8:40 am In News | 15 Comments

I don’t give you guys too many updates on my life and projects, so I figured it was time. The last few months have been extremely hectic in Ed Miller land. In July, Elaine and I dragged ourselves back across the country and bought a nice little foreclosure home in Las Vegas. The foreclosure scene here is really over the top. House after house after house after house. During the buying frenzy a few years back I knew there would be a fall, but I didn’t know if it would fall gently or crash. Unfortunately in Vegas here there’s been a serious crash with a whole lot of accompanying pain and disruption.

We’ve been settling in since then. Since we moved from a roughly 350 square foot apartment (I measured) in Manhattan, we have had to buy essentially a whole house full of furniture and related stuff. Buying such things seems to consume almost as much time as money.

Apart from taking about 8 million trips to Home Depot, Elaine and I have been settling back into Vegas life a bit. We’re now organizing several recurring vegan eating and socializing events. (Next one is Donuts at Ronald’s on Spring Mountain tomorrow morning [1]. Feel free to drop by and say hi if you are in Vegas and, you know, like donuts.)

I’ve been getting out to play the live games too. Mostly I’ve been playing in the $2-$5 games at Caesar’s and the Venetian. Now that the Palazzo has excellent parking, I think the Venetian is my favorite room. The Bellagio is still the number 1 room around here, but I frankly don’t like the place and I avoid it as much as I can. (My reasons for disliking the place are many, but they start with the parking situation which is dismal.)

Work-wise, I have a lot of stuff going on. Obviously I’ve been keeping up with the website here, with Stoxpoker [2] (where some exciting stuff has been going on recently), and writing for Card Player [3].

I haven’t talked about the new book much recently because, quite frankly, things have been up in the air about it. I’m talking about the Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume 2 project I’ve been working on with Matt Flynn and Sunny Mehta. A few months back Mason from Two Plus Two informed us (the authors) that he didn’t want to do the book anymore, and he asked to cancel the contract. At first some of the authors wanted to try to keep the relationship together, but since then there’s been some back and forth about it, and by now I think we are ready just to grant Mason’s request. So the book won’t be coming out with Two Plus Two.

We’ve received offers from several publishers about doing the book, so there definitely won’t be a question about whether it gets published. For now we haven’t made any decisions about a new publisher or if we want to self-publish it. Right now we’re just focused on getting the manuscript finished.

As far as that goes, we have written most of the material for the book already. It’s a very practical book with tons of hand examples, so our approach has been to write up lots of interesting and instructive hands first (with an outline for the organization of the book in mind) and then glue it into a cohesive whole. We’re mostly in the gluing stage at this point. In a few days I’m taking a 10 day trip out to New Orleans to hang out with Sunny (Matt is flying in for a few days also), and we’re going to pound out a lot of work on the manuscript during that time. It’s a little ambitious, but I hope to have a completed draft ready by next month.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to publish our table of contents here on NPA because I think it will get people really excited about the book. But I’ve been holding off on doing that until we have some concrete plans for publishing it. Hopefully we’ll have something in place soon and I can start sharing some of the awesomeness of this project with everyone. :)

We were planning to have the book out by the end of the year, but now with the publisher falling through it’s not likely to happen. So it will be out a little later than we intended… but rest assured it is well on the way.

I’ll post any significant updates here on NPA as they happen.

Finally, I’ve been recently trying to catch up on some of my blog reading that I hadn’t been doing before, during, and just after the move. I came across a post by Matt Maroon from May [4]. It made me laugh because I remember writing the passage he quoted, and it does seem a laughably quaint notion today:

Commercial banks make money by managing risk. They solicit deposits in savings and checking accounts. Then they lend these deposits out to others at a higher interest rate and pocket the difference.

It seems a few banks have run into some minor problems recently related to calculating their edges and managing their bankrolls. Check out Matt’s modern-day rewrite [4] of the passage.

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