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A Quick Personal Update

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I don’t give you guys too many updates on my life and projects, so I figured it was time. The last few months have been extremely hectic in Ed Miller land. In July, Elaine and I dragged ourselves back across the country and bought a nice little foreclosure home in Las Vegas. The foreclosure scene here is really over the top. House after house after house after house. During the buying frenzy a few years back I knew there would be a fall, but I didn’t know if it would fall gently or crash. Unfortunately in Vegas here there’s been a serious crash with a whole lot of accompanying pain and disruption.

We’ve been settling in since then. Since we moved from a roughly 350 square foot apartment (I measured) in Manhattan, we have had to buy essentially a whole house full of furniture and related stuff. Buying such things seems to consume almost as much time as money.

Apart from taking about 8 million trips to Home Depot, Elaine and I have been settling back into Vegas life a bit. We’re now organizing several recurring vegan eating and socializing events. (Next one is Donuts at Ronald’s on Spring Mountain tomorrow morning. Feel free to drop by and say hi if you are in Vegas and, you know, like donuts.)

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15 Responses to “A Quick Personal Update”

@ Sat Oct 11, 2008 05:25:41 PM

Hey Ed, what goes in a vegan donut? My wife and I are always looking around for new recipes.


(longtime lurker, fan, vegan, and mediocre NLH player)

Ed Miller
@ Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:32:47 PM

Hey Rob,

You know, I’m not sure how they make the donuts. But they’re excellent and essentially indistinguishable from a non-vegan donut. They definitely don’t taste like they are “missing” something.

However, I can point you to an excellent cookie recipe:


I subbed out the following:

1/2 maple syrup and 1/2 agave nectar for the brown rice syrup

1/2 cup of chocolate chips for the 1/2 cup of chopped pecans

and added a 1/2 tsp each of vanilla extract and chocolate extract

these cookies are fantastic. Using extra virgin coconut oil is kinda key… I had some refined coconut oil lying around and tried to use that and they weren’t as good.

@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 01:49:03 AM

Hey Ed,

I’ve read multiple times that live games play about the same as online games with 100 times smaller stake. i.e. $2-5$ -> NL50 online..

I wonder if you don’t fall asleep playing these stakes? Also, the hourly must be pretty small?

thanks for a great website, and for all the great stoxpoker video series!

@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 05:04:48 AM

why the previous move to nyc ed? seemed strange to me considering 2+2’s offices were in vegas, and for a primarily live professional player NY (and NJ)areas would not be as favorable as living in las vegas. just curious.


@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 05:11:32 AM

“Commercial banks make money by managing risk.
They solicit deposits in savings and checking accounts.Then they lend these deposits out to others at a higher interest rate and pocket the difference.”
The statements about commercial banks are misleading
The first statement about managing risk is OK
Banks do NOT just lend these deposits and pocket the difference.
These deposits are profit generator much more efficient than above statements suggests.
1$ of your deposit translate into 5-6$ of bank credit. So basically bank profit about this ratio not just interest rate difference.

@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 03:10:38 PM

Use the north valet (on Flamingo) when you play at Bellagio. The poker room is just a short walk off to the right once you go inside.

@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 04:05:33 PM

The Venetian really has a beautiful poker room. Out of the times I have been out to Vegas I have really enjoyed playing there. It’s been about a year, but if I’m correct I believe they also are 150bb buy ins.

I’m looking to get out to Vegas soon. Hopefully purchasing a home as well. Now seems like the time to do it with the way the real estate market has been.

Elaine Vigneault
@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 05:45:04 PM

It’s definitely a good time to buy a home in Vegas. Just get something you like and can live with for years to come.

We moved to NYC because we needed a change. Turns out we missed home. So we came back to Vegas.

Search YouTube. There are a few vegan donut videos. Here’s one:

-Elaine (Ed’s wife)

Dontrell Womack
@ Sun Oct 12, 2008 05:53:13 PM

“our approach has been to write up lots of interesting and instructive hands first (with an outline for the organization of the book in mind) and then glue it into a cohesive whole.”

This sounds like the best way to write a poker book.

@ Mon Oct 13, 2008 07:34:55 AM


could you please comment on the situation regarding payment for content on this site, now that your business relation to Mason seems to have ended.


@ Mon Oct 13, 2008 09:48:38 PM

Hi Ed, just wondering if you have ever checked out the electronic tables at the Excalibur? I’m really excited about their potential to revitalize live play (more hands, less rake, potential 6-max live) and just expand poker in general. If casinos can make more money from poker, it’ll help stop the relentless expansion of slots over tables.

@ Wed Oct 15, 2008 03:06:24 PM

Ed (and Elaine),

As a NYC vegan, who travels to Vegas quite frequently for poker, do you have any advice for places to eat? I, of course, know about Ronald’s, and have been to the veggie place down the block from there as well as one other vegetarian Chinese place east of the strip. Are there any hidden gems in Vegas, or am I stuck renting a car and going to whole foods every day?

I don’t know how you can move from a vegan mecca like NYC to vegas!!!


@ Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:04:44 AM

Good grief, Ed Miller plays $2-5 in Vegas … that makes me want to completely rethink my entire Vegas strategy. I have a few friends that are regs at 1/3 and 2/5 out there and I sit in and generally play nitty and make a decent share. Didn’t think the millionaire internet pros sat at the same table!

Elaine Vigneault
@ Sat Oct 18, 2008 12:53:19 AM

Hi James,
http://vegasveg.blogspot.com lists some veg*n restaurants, veg-friendly markets, etc.

Another option is to get a room with a kitchenette and prepare some of your own foods.

Or couch surf with vegans (http://www.couchsurfing.com/). Supposedly, there is a vegan subgroup on couch surfing.

@ Fri Nov 14, 2008 05:51:04 PM

Ed, no matter who you get to publish the new book, do try to get Gonso to do the next cover. I dug the first one and it was a 1000% improvement over 2p2’s usual covers.

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