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85,000 Words

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I mentioned last month that the new book with Sunny Mehta and Matt Flynn was coming along well. Since that post I took a weeklong trip to New Orleans to visit Sunny, and we used that time to really crank hard on the manuscript. On that trip we took stock of our progress, and we realized that we had written about 85,000 words so far. That’s almost exactly the length of the longest of my four books. In other words, we’re almost done. :)

We still have one or two more chapters to write, and I’m sure we’ll go through the book and swap out some weaker example hands for better ones. But at this point the vast majority of the book is in the can. I expect we’ll be basically done writing by the end of the month.

(If I’m not posting much during the next month or two and if I lag on answering questions and emails, it’s because I’m devoting as much time as possible to getting this book out the door.)

So what do we need to do between the time the writing is done and the time we can release the book?

  1. Hammer down publishing plans. Two Plus Two has elected not to publish the book, so we’re on our own for now. We’re 100% confident that it will get published. We just have a few options and haven’t chosen one yet.
  2. Select a final title. This project was started as Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume 2. But, frankly, the book has evolved into something more than just a companion volume. The book, while it certainly builds on some of the topics from Volume 1, functions as a practical, stand-alone guide to crushing small and medium stakes no-limit games. To reflect the fact that it’s more than just a companion volume, we’re considering changing the title to something more descriptive.
  3. Edit and proofread. Fairly important. :)

I’ll continue posting regular updates on our progress from now until the time the book comes out. For now I’m extremely excited. The writing is almost finished, and frankly I’m thrilled with what we have. Small Stakes Hold’em came out over four years ago, and yet people still come up to me all the time and tell me about how that book launched their poker careers. I think this new book has the same potential of SSHE to launch the careers of a new generation of no-limit players.

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10 Responses to “85,000 Words”

@ Tue Nov 11, 2008 02:49:58 PM

I’m really excited to hear about this new book. You believing that it could have the same affect that SSHE had on the limit game means that this book could be a TNT new classic. :)

@ Tue Nov 11, 2008 08:30:49 PM

Professional No Limit Hold’em: Volume 1 improved my poker game more than any of the thirty-five plus poker books I’ve read.

Can you give an estimate on when I will be able to see the next volume? Do you have a beta version?

@ Wed Nov 12, 2008 08:00:16 AM

“I think this new book has the same potential of SSHE to launch the careers of a new generation of no-limit players.”

Ah,dammit, I just wet myself.

Good Luck with the book, Ed. Sounds awesome.

Blinky MacPherson
@ Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:35:36 PM

“Ah,dammit, I just wet myself.”

No, it was then that Ed wet you.

@ Thu Nov 13, 2008 03:05:52 PM

I must admit, Ed’s blog has helped me improve my game a ridiculous amount in a very short time. As soon as my cards have some money open (that would be when i actually bother working my regular jobs, rather than just playing poker .. doh) I intend on picking up anything he’s written on NL .. (i should probably pick up the Limit stuff too, but no one here plays Limit …)

@ Thu Nov 13, 2008 05:16:29 PM

small stakes no limit hold’em? :)


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@ Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:15:13 AM

I’m glad it won’t be a 2+2 book. I’ll still buy their books if I think it will really help my game, but I really don’t much like their attitude. If I’m considering two books, I’ll buy the non-2+2 book first. I just would rather not support mean people.

@ Sun Nov 16, 2008 07:37:01 AM

for me it’s irrelevant if it comes out on 2+2 or not-if ed is attached to it, i’ll buy it.

has the poker publishing world ever seen an ego greater than MM’s? Sometimes i feel sorry for the authors who publish there-the royalties are higher, distribution is wider, but publishing under MM’s totalitarian regime seems like it would be a nightmare.

@ Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:01:57 AM

will the toc be ready for npa viewing pleasure by end of november?


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