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Ed in the media:

About his Queer Eye Appearance

Poker is hot. So is Miller.
-New Orleans Times Picayune, Dave Walker, “Queer Eye for the Straight Flush Guy”

Ed Miller is the resident expert on the 2+2 online forums. He’s seen more hand histories, talked more strategy and fielded more whiny bad beat stories than all your college athletic coaches and school therapists combined.
-All In Magazine, Lena Katz, “A Poker Lesson from Ed Miller”

Unlike many poker how-to books, which teach people how to respond in certain situations, Miller’s books teach readers how to understand the game and think for themselves.
-M.I.T. Alumni Association Magazine, Amy Marcott, “Queer Eye Makes Over Poker Expert Ed Miller ’00, June 20″

Last night, at 10pm EST, the two forces collided in a show that got Ed looking smart and the Fab Five playing smart.
-Launch Poker, Queer Eye Pretties Up Poker Guru Ed Miller

No Limit Hold ‘em: Theory and Practice

Don’t forget, No Limit Hold ‘em: Theory & Practice will be out within a few weeks. Everyone within the poker community is pretty much in unison with their anticipation, as they feel it will be one of the greatest poker books of all time, in the spirit of ‘Small Stakes Hold ‘em…” and “…easily the best poker book of the year – No Limit Hold ‘em: Theory & Practice
-Planet Stacked, Barron Vangor Toth, “Two Plus Two Book Publishing Schedule”

Sklanksy and Miller just slap you around and remind you that you’re nothing special. …you can’t play this game successfully if your image controls you rather than the other way around.
-PocketFives, Lenny, “No Limit Hold’em Theory and Practice : Book Review”

What I like about this book [No Limit Hold’em: Theory and Practice] is the way it seems to anticipate player questions, much like a dance partner instinctively adjusting to a specific pace or rhythm. The book flows, with a potent mixture of mathematics, examples, analysis and summary.
-Poker Player Magazine, Howard Schwartz, “Book Reviews: No Limit Hold’em: Theory and Practice by David Sklansky and Ed Miller”

Poker’s premier theorist (Sklansky) teams up with one of the game’s most respected instructors (Miller) to take the theoretical approach to high-stakes hold’em.
-Covers. Experts., Brian Gabrielle, “WSOP: Books on Poker”

Small Stakes Hold ‘em: Winning Big with Expert Play

While both Super System books are eye-opening, regardless of the stakes you play for, there is one particularly good volume focusing on smaller stakes: the appropriately titled Small Stakes Hold’em by Ed Miller, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth.
-Cigar Aficionado, Michael Kaplan, “The Gambler’s Library”

Ed Miller’s Small Stakes Holdem has become an instant classic and must-have for the low-stakes Texas holdem limit player. This book will make you a winning low-limit holdem player.
-FlopTurnRiver.com, “Texas Holdem Poker Books – Poker Books & Reviews”

Ed Miller is the author of my favorite book ever written on poker, Small Stakes Hold ‘em: Winning Big with Expert Play…
-Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mike Schneider, “Poker Blog: Tomorrow is the Big Day, Wednesday, June 28th, 2006″

[T]he books below will teach you how to think about the game and understand it better. …Small Stakes Hold Em: Ed Miller (a definite must read for all limit players) …Getting Started in Hold Em: Ed Miller …No Limit Hold’Em Theory and Practice: David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth
-EzineArticles, Shannon Gilchrist, “Cashing In: The (Over?) Abundance of New Poker Books”

An excellent book [Small Stakes Hold’em] explaining how to beat low limit Hold’em games. This book offers intelligent, no-frills advice for the aspiring poker player.
-Online Poker Room Reviews, Scott McIntosh, “Improving Your Play”

This is the bible for online low limit poker. This is required reading for low limit players. I’ve read and re-read my copy so many times that the cover has fallen off.
-Poker Jesus Online, Recommended Books

There’s a lot of money to be won in low-limit hold’em games, and there isn’t a better book out there for learning to crush these games than Ed Miller’s Small Stakes Hold’em.
-Blind Bet Poker, Jason Kirk, “Small Stakes Hold’em by Ed Miller”

I was very pleased with this book [Small Stakes Hold’em]. If you’ve ever wondered how you can be losing to the idiots you’ve been losing to, buy it. It returned me to profitability.
-Poker Book Report, Bernard Chapin, “Small Stakes Hold’em”

Small Stakes Hold’Em gives solid and entertaining advice on how to play limit Texas Hold’Em… Five Teeth out of Five
-Piraya Poker, “Small Stakes Hold’em”

Small Stakes Hold’em is the book that I recommend to anyone who asks, no matter what limits they plan on playing.
-604Poker.com, “Book Reviews Small Stakes Hold’em – Miller, Sklansky, Malmuth”

Getting Started in Hold ‘em

Ed Miller, who wrote Small Stakes Hold ‘em: Winning Big With Expert Play, has come up with another gem titled Getting Started in Hold ‘em… Miller, ever the patient teacher, has a feel for the beginner’s worries and potential for error. …Overall, this book, combined with understanding your strengths and weaknesses and patience, should help improve every novice’s game.
-Poker Player Magazine, Howard Schwartz, “Book Reviews: Getting Started in Hold’em By Ed Miller”

This is a great beginner’s book [Getting Started in Hold’em]. It covers the most commonly played variants of Hold ‘em; limit, no-limit, Sit’N’Goes, etc, and it shows how you should think as a poker player. Perhaps more importantly to the beginner, it’s a very inspirational book.
-Online Poker Guide, “Recommended Poker Books”

New players start by reading these two excellent books. Read in this order. Getting Started in Hold’em, by Ed Miller – Strong starting book for new players. Start learning a tight aggressive strategy and proper habits. Small Stakes Hold’em, by Ed Miller – This more advanced book builds on the fundamentals outlined in the book above. Unlike many Poker books this one is a fun read and is well laid out. Read it, and then read it twice more.
-Online Shark, Steve “Shark” Hathaway, “Strategies For Online Poker Profit, Building Your Bankroll”

Ed Miller and the people at 2+2 Publishing have really hit the ball out of the park with this book…This is just a tremendous book. It’s the one you should point to when your friends ask what single book to read to learn good poker.
-Poker Musings, David Ross, “Getting Started in Hold’em by Ed Miller”

We think [Getting Started in Hold ‘em] is the place to start your poker library. Miller is a young and relatively new author in the poker community, but has already established a very good reputation for excellent hold’em advice. Despite a title that seems to cater to beginners, this book is an excellent bridge to intermediate play.
-Poker Croaker, “Poker Strategy: Recommended Reading”

Expert Hold ‘em DVDs

“Low on production values but high on expert info, it’ll swamp your brain if you’re a beginner and swell your bankroll if you’re a proficient player….Highly recommended if you’re serious about limit Hold’em.
-Inside Edge, “Hone Your Game: Ed Miller’s Limit Hold’em DVD