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Stoxpoker Now Cheaper And With More Videos Each Month

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Stoxpoker - Professional Poker TrainingFor almost a year now I’ve been making videos over at Stoxpoker, the poker video training website. I think the video format is an incredible way to improve your game, and I’ve been extremely impressed by the high quality of all of the instruction at Stoxpoker.

If you’ve thought about joining a video training site, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, now is an excellent opportunity to give Stoxpoker a shot. A couple of days ago, Stoxpoker announced some great improvements to the site:

  1. No signup fee. Now you can jump right into Stoxpoker for just the standard monthly rate of $27.99. And if you’re already a member or you want to renew a membership in the future, you can also enjoy the savings by purchasing the 33% cheaper 12-month option.
  2. More videos per month. Stoxpoker now plans to release about 50 videos per month. With that many videos, it will be extremely hard to run out of fresh, new content. And if you are insane and do run through all of the new content, you can watch any of the 500+ videos in the Stoxpoker back library.
  3. Great new instructors. Stoxpoker has announced the addition of 11 new small- and medium-stakes instructors including well-known players MicroBob, Pokey, and Bilbo-San. If you’re a no-limit player who plays about $2-$4 and below or a limit player who plays $10-$20 or below, these new guys are going to turbocharge your game.

Honestly, if you’re at all serious about improving your poker game, you should absolutely sign up for Stoxpoker. In terms of return on investment, it was already a ridiculously good deal where a couple hundred dollars could improve your results by thousands. Now it’s just absurd. For just $27.99 you can watch Stoxpoker videos for a whole month until your eyes bleed. Heck, there’s well over 20 hours worth of videos just from me on Stoxpoker, so it costs barely more than $1/hour even if you only wanted to watch my stuff.

Go sign up now!

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One Response to “Stoxpoker Now Cheaper And With More Videos Each Month”

@ Mon Sep 15, 2008 06:09:31 AM


Do you know how long the period without sign-up costs last? Currently I’m busy with school but in a few months I’ll have plenty of time playing, so then I’d like to signup.



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