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How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold’em

Want to know how to win consistently playing no-limit hold’em? First step is to learn not to donk off your stack every time you flop top pair.

Got that down? Great. Then you’re ready for the really good stuff.

Hand reading is the single most important no-limit hold’em skill. If you can figure out what hands your opponents are likely to have, you will make consistently good decisions. You’ll find bluffs other players miss. You’ll find value bets other players miss. And you’ll also be able to anticipate and avoid trouble before you’re knee-deep in it.

Some people say hand reading is a “feel” skill. That you can only learn it through experience.

They’re wrong. Not that experience isn’t vital. It is. But if you think that you’re just going to figure it all out by playing hours and hours of hold’em, you’re likely mistaken. The learning curve is very steep. I run up against players all the time who have been playing this game for decades, and it’s obvious they still have only the most basic grasp of hand reading.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that reading just one book can leapfrog you up the learning curve. Not only will you be reading hands better from the moment you finish your first read-through, but you will also learn how to develop your skill during every session you play in the future.

In How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold’em, I completely demystify hand reading. It’s a simple, systematic, logical process. I teach you the process, and then I show you how it works through a series of examples against different opponent types. I’ll show you how to hand read the nits, how to hand read the fish, and how to hand read the regulars in your game.

What’s inside:

  • How to get a read on all the different types of opponents in your small stakes no-limit games
  • How to systematically find big bluffs and thin value bets on the river
  • How to react when you get raised
  • How to spot one of the biggest mistakes many players make on the turn and how to turn that leak into profit. This one alone is worth the price of the book
  • How to spot the flops you shouldn’t be continuation betting
  • How to sniff out bluffs using null ranges
  • How to use software at home to fine-tune your hand reading even further
  • And much more

You can’t learn this stuff in any other book. How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold’em is the world’s first book to break down the hand reading process that pros use into an easily understandable, step-by-step guide. It’s just what you need to take your no-limit game to the next level, and you can order your copy right now in e-book format for instant download or in paperback format from Amazon.

The e-book download comes as a ZIP file containing three versions: PDF for reading on a PC or Mac, MOBI for reading on an Amazon Kindle device or app, and EPUB for reading on most other e-reader devices including iPhone/iPad, Nook, and many more. With the e-book version, you can read it nearly anywhere you want.

How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold’em is $49.99 for the e-book format. That’s just one quarter of a $1-$2 buyin. With all the knowledge in this book, you can earn the purchase price back with just a single winning session.

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Or get the paperback from Amazon.