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Do you have to be a genius to win at poker?
No. Ed’s books and DVDs can show you how to win. Practically anyone can learn how to win at poker if they spend a little time and effort.

Why are Ed’s books so successful?
Because they’re good. And word of mouth spreads that fact well.

How did Ed Miller become a Noted Poker Authority?
Ed’s friend and fellow poker guru David Fromm coined the nickname at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas. Whenever Ed beat the dealer he yelled, “Boom!” The dealer asked Ed to simmer down to which Dave replied, “Don’t you know who this is? This is Noted Poker Authority, Ed Miller.” The nickname stuck.

Does Ed offer lectures or classes?
Ed does a few lectures and books signings each year. These appearances will be announced in the blog.

Does Ed offer private instruction?
No, not currently. However, he may soon provide a directory of poker coaches on this site. (If you are a poker coach and want to be included in the directory, please contact Elaine.)

Wait, Ed went to MIT. Was he part of that infamous MIT blackjack team?
He really can’t say one way or the other.

How is Ed Miller qualified to teach poker? He hasn’t won any tournaments.
Ed, like many professional poker players, began playing poker because poker offered him the ability to be his own boss, to set his own schedules and pay rate. Cash games offer this flexibility whereas tournaments don’t. Tournaments often last long hours and feel like “work” to Ed so he only plays them every once in a while.

Does Ed make more money from playing poker or writing books?
In the past, the majority of Ed’s income came from playing poker, but now that the books are selling so well, he makes more from the books. Miller is an entrepreneur who has a variety of projects that produce income for him.

Does Ed have a favorite word?
Yes, it is edify/edification.
Ed also likes the following words:

Ed seems pretty stylish, why did he need the Fab Five from Queer Eye?
When Ed’s not in the public spotlight, his image changes from stylish poker guru to average hairy beast. He’s sort of like a werewolf.

What’s up with the eyebrows?
Ed’s thick, bushy eyebrows are well known. His characteristic pointed right brow has propelled his career from Poker Player to Noted Poker Authority.

I heard Ed is a vegetarian, is that true?
Yes, Ed is vegan. He became a vegetarian over 10 years ago to improve his health. He went vegan a few years later and has been vegan ever since.

Does Ed still play poker?
Yes. His favorites are limit and no limit live cash games.