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The Short Stackers’ Bread And Butter Play

Quite a few short stackers play in the $2-$4 and higher online 6-max no-limit games. Many of them play a strategy that seems likely to me to be profitable. I think a decent chunk of their profit comes from a play that I see them make repeatedly that I think many full-stacked regulars don’t handle […]

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Short Stack Play Is Not A Fight Against The Blinds

Here’s a question I hear all the time: “How short a stack can you play before it’s not profitable anymore? At some point the blinds eat you away too fast and you can’t wait for a good hand anymore, right?” This question is based on a false assumption that is the subject of today’s article. […]

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Beating No-Limit Games With Just A Chip And A Chair

My last few articles have been about the advantages that short stacks have over deep stacks in no-limit and about how to harness those advantages to beat wild games. I want to step back now and explore what I mean by the advantage a short stack gives you. A few issues back, I said that […]

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A Foolproof Strategy For Wild Games

Yesterday I was in a crazy $2-$5 no-limit game. I could tell it was a crazy game even before I watched one hand. The maximum buy-in was $500, but at least $8,000 was on the table. Four players each had over $1,500. Either the game had been going with the same lineup for a very […]

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