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An Excerpt From Playing The Player—Exploiting The Bet-Fold

Below is an excerpt from my new book Playing The Player: Moving Beyond ABC Poker To Dominate Your Opponents. Preordering starts Tuesday, May 8, and the e-book will release on May 22 with the paperback coming out soon thereafter. This excerpt gives you a good feel for exactly what the book is about. My goal […]

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Why Sharp People Sometimes Fail At Poker

In the past few months I’ve been spending a little more time with people from the advantage gambling community. Advantage gamblers are people who win money gambling (sometimes a lot of money) playing games against the casino, in the sportsbook, at online casinos, or sometimes in other venues. For instance, they might bet sports, play […]

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How To Get Very Good At Poker

Think back to a time when you knew very little about how to play poker well. Some of you may not have to stretch the imagination very far. You went to the casino. You chased big hands, you checked back value hands, you had no idea what your opponents had. What have you learned since […]

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Mistakes Internet Players Make In Live Games – Part I

Just after Black Friday I had a chat with a friend of mine who plays live no-limit in Las Vegas casinos. “You know this is going to kill our games,” he said. “The internet kids are all going to be taking every other seat, and no one’s going to beat the rake.” It took half […]

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Four Ways Your Bad Luck Is Really Bad Play

Last issue I wrote about ways you can run bad at poker. Whether you lose to a one-outter on the river or you don’t hit a flop for five hours, running bad happens to the best of us. But most small stakes players do something terrible that makes their bad runs even worse. They play […]

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Six Ways You Run Bad

You just played four hours of $1-$2 no-limit hold’em, and you lost $300. Did you play badly? Or did you just run bad? As you might imagine, it was probably a bit of both. After a session, it can be difficult to tease out the play bad from the run bad. If you want to […]

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Hand Reading On The Turn – An Excerpt From The New Book

The time is nearly come. Preordering for my brand new book How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold’em begins tomorrow! Today I wanted to share with you an excerpt from the book. It’s the first bit of the chapter Hand Reading On The Turn. Enjoy. Hand Reading On The Turn an excerpt from How To […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait For A Better Spot

Last issue my article, “Thinking Like A Loser,” was about how players undermine themselves with some of their attitudes about the game. I singled out the ever-popular rationale for folding, “I decided to wait for a better spot.” In the vast majority of situations, waiting for a better spot is a nonsense concept, and I […]

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Thinking Like A Loser

Most poker players think like losers. I know this because most poker players tell me in excruciating detail how they think about the game. Whether I like it or not, I’m going to hear seat three’s lesson on why raising with pocket tens is a dumb idea. And then I’m going to hear how lucky […]

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Stages Of A TAG – Part 5

This series of articles describes a model for player development that I call Stages Of A TAG. I think most players go through a series of stages or realizations about no-limit hold’em as they improve their games from rank beginners to decent tight-aggressive (TAG) players and beyond. In total I have identified 25 stages that […]

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