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Avoiding Happy Tilt

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You sit down in a ten-handed $1-$2 game at your local casino. The game has been going for a while. Two players have stacks and stacks of red front of them, and another two are down to their last few chips. On average, how many of your nine opponents are, at this moment, on tilt?

My best guess would be that all nine are on tilt. Yup. In your everyday small stakes no-limit game I’d guess that everyone who’s played for half an hour or more is on tilt.

Think that’s ridiculous? If you define tilt narrowly as losing a big pot and then going nuts over it, then sure, it’s ridiculous to think that everyone is on tilt. But I define tilt more broadly. I think you’re on tilt if you are allowing your decisions to be shaded significantly by your emotional state. By that standard, nearly everyone playing poker right now is on tilt.

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