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Working From Home For The Holidays

Posted By Ed Miller On December 17, 2008 @ 8:54 am In About the Site | 9 Comments

Just a quick update today. I’m cranking away hard at the new book this month (and should be doing so through January), so I haven’t allotted quite as much time as usual to writing articles for the website. As a result, expect the updates to be a little slower than usual for the next few weeks.

We’re in the home stretch on the book. Unfortunately, every time it feels like a book is almost done, it always takes a few more months from that point before it’s actually ready to go to print. That’s basically the situation we’re in right now… I can see the end, but there’s still a frustrating few months of work to do until the book is out the door.

I’ve also been thinking about and working on the next installments of the Playing Deceptively [1] series that I started a few of days ago. Part 2 should be ready to go sometime soon.

Also be sure to check out Stoxpoker [2] these days. I’m presently in the middle of producing a mega-part series on blind stealing and defense. The series talks about how and when to try to steal the blinds, how to deal with getting 3-bet (especially by light 3-bettors), how to defend your blinds, and so forth. Part 6 is coming out in about a week… that’s about six hours of video on playing in no-limit hold’em blind stealing situations. As you can imagine, it’s pretty thorough. Joining Stoxpoker [2] is super-cheap these days with no signup fee (just the monthly rate), so really I think it’s well, well more than worth it to sign up and check out my blind stealing and defense series (not to mention the 700+ other great videos).


Holy cow. It snowed like crazy today in Las Vegas. Never seen it like this. It was a full-on snowstorm like you get in the regular parts of the country. Check out our front porch.

Snow in Las Vegas

We probably have about 5-6 inches of accumulation by now. The kids in the neighborhood went crazy making snowmen. Teenagers around here have never seen snow like this before in their lives. It’s cool.

Our new dog, Bella, loved it too. She just ran around and around in big circles, flopping sometimes in a big pile of snow. Here’s a picture of Bella.


Our older dog Floyd, who lived in New York with us for two years, wasn’t nearly so excited.

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