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Noted Poker Authority is One Year Old (Plus Prizes)

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A year ago today I wrote the first post on Noted Poker Authority. Since that first post, I’ve written 262 more, including 90 Q&As, numerous other articles, and the most popular series on NPA, 7 Easy Steps to No-Limit Hold’em Success.

Lately I’ve been concentrating more on developing software on the site, adding a poker coach directory, message board, and just recently, a set of poker simulation tools. I’m excited about these simulation tools, and I aim to make them the most useful available anywhere. A few ideas I have for future tools:

  • Non-Holdem range-based pot equity calculators
  • Enhanced Holdem range-based pot equity calculator including more in-depth information that will help you plan your hand better
  • Short Stack Strategy Analyzer that will make it easy to develop a more optimum short stack strategy
  • Short Stack Tournament Analyzer that analyzes short stack tournament situations

I also plan to enhance the user experience on all the tools, among other things, allowing you an easy way to paste the results directly into forum posts or blog entries.

So I’m excited about what’s to come in year two for NPA.

I figured I’d celebrate NPA’s birthday by giving away some prizes. The top prize is a signed, complete set of all my books and DVDs – that’s four books and four DVDs.

The winner will be the person who poses the most interesting question on the message board between now and next Tuesday (October 23). I look forward to all the great questions.

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[…] week we celebrated one year of NPA, and I offered a contest. Ask the best question on the message boards within a week, and win a signed copy of each of my […]

Ed Miller
@ Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:07:35 AM

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